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Education is the key to success. CEMP offers a wide range of the best postgraduate courses in science and technology.

Online Postgraduates

Science and technology have dramatically contributed to the development of medicine, sport and wellness. Our courses cover these three key areas of knowledge so that you can master the latest tools and protocols, improve social welfare and succeed in the job market.

With a 100% flexible approach, you will be ready to work in growing industries such as food, healthcare, and IT. International teaching staff and a curriculum accredited by the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) will guide you through every stage. Come join us And Become a specialist in your field!

Why should you choose an online postgraduate course from CEMP?

Research shows that postgraduates have much higher employment rates than non-graduates. A postgraduate increases your chances of employment by equipping you with the practical skills, knowledge and tools that employers need.

Half of postgraduates find a job within six months

CEMP offers you the opportunity to study higher education programmes in a flexible way. You can tailor the postgraduate of your choice to your circumstances. There is no need to travel and no fixed timetable. Everything is online.

Our postgraduates are accredited by UCAM, a private university focused on research with an international view. If you meet the requirements, you will receive a UCAM degree as well as a CEMP degree at the end of your studies.

With your online learning platforms, you will have access to multimedia exercises and lessons. You will also receive advice from our education advisors who. Will help with your career aspirations and preparing your postgraduate dissertation.

At CEMP, we're always looking to the future, and each training programme is designed to help you succeed. That is why we teach emerging disciplines closely linked to technology and new skills that the market demands: bioinformatics, physiotherapy and nutrition are just a few of them, but there are many more. You can find them here.

Choose the best institution for your postgraduate

CEMP's faculty includes doctors, professors and practitioners. Here you'll find the best courses to specialise in sport and health. We pay particular attention to ensuring that communication with students runs smoothly. This way, you will always have a sense of guidance and the opportunity to clarify any doubts you may have.

Our methodology is based on the latest professional tools and techniques available. We also offer up to 300 hours of internship. We have agreements with more than thirty well-known companies, with many of our students being offered their first job upon graduation.

We have agreements in place with many companies in the industry to facilitate your job placement

The high standards associated with CEMP's training courses make our programmes an effective way to enhance your CV and boost your chances of getting a job with a higher salary and better benefits.

Our work-based learning activities allow you to monitor your progress and put it into practice by giving you access to a wide range of jobs opportunities. Are you ready to have it all?

Frequently asked questions about online postgraduates

How much does a postgraduate cost?

At CEMP we offer online training tailored to each individual's needs. This means we also offer a range of payment instalment options worldwide to make it affordable for students to complete all stages of their postgraduate course. To find out more about course fees and payment plans, contact us through our online form and one of our friendly and experienced team members will be in touch.

How long does an online postgraduate take?

Our online postgraduate courses take 1.500 hours to complete. Our web platform allows you to complete questionnaires, outlines and classes at your own pace.

What are the career opportunities with an online postgraduate?

CEMP's online postgraduate courses qualify you for some of today's most in-demand jobs. After graduating, you'll be qualified to take on a wide range of roles in the health and sport sector and exciting fields such as biostatistics or artificial intelligence applications.

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