Reviews from our students

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Reviews of CEMP training courses

Hanna Grzelczak


I am impressed by the amount of knowledge applied in the programme in a very concise way. There are many ways to develop my skills and knowledge. Especially the webinars given by Prof. Alarcón are what I am hooked on. They are very logical, concise, and helpful in organising the learning process. CEMP allows me to develop my skills to the fullest!.

Hayley Borthwick


This course is very in-depth and has a continuous flow of current information on cosmetic formulations and the legislative processes involved. The lecturers are always on hand, and the programme is easy to navigate around a full-time job, which is especially good for a mature student like me.



Krisztina Kakucs


It was an intense 9 months with many interesting seminars. Claudia Soto is amazing person and a great lecturer. I really enjoyed her sessions; every week was a challenge- but learning something new is always a challenge. I recommend this postgraduate to everyone who want dig into deep to the cosmetic field. 

Mayuri Pema


I decided to study at CEMP because it is a distance learning programme where I can work at my own pace. The feedback from other students seemed very promising, and the course content seemed interesting. So far, I have had a fantastic experience and have received all the help I need.  The teachers are extremely friendly and helpful, I don’t have to hesitate to ask a question. I also liked the way of teaching and the exam method. 

Temba Tseriwa


I am very impressed and encouraged by the teachers of the course, who are very busy and willing to motivate me, as they use different modes of communication to help me in my learning, especially in an online environment.  This is my first online experience, and I’m enjoying it. What I appreciate the most are the online classes and the quizzes and activities at the end of each chapter that made me think and search for the answers, which allowed me to learn more.

Mylene Lim


I chose CEMP as I have heard good reviews about the centre, plus I like how they have tutors who check in regularly with your progress. I hope after this master’s that I can understand skin science and cosmetic care product labelling better, and maybe be able to formulate my own range of products one day. 

Amr T. M. Saeb


I enrolled in the programme because of my interest in bioinformatics, the reputation and excellence of the institution, research opportunities that enhance employability and open diverse career opportunities in academia, industry or research institutions, networking and collaboration, and making significant contributions to the field. Until now, I have had a wonderful experience with CEMP, and I hope it will continue at this level.

Szczepan Kaluzny


The Bioinformatics and Biostatistics programme is excellent. I am delighted that I can access the course at any time. I find the tests and module booklets very helpful in mastering the subject. Dr Alarcón is an exceptional teacher and has been very helpful.

Aleksandra Goleva


I love the flexibility and structure of the programme, as I can study in my free time and don’t need to attend university offline. I especially like that there are so many quizzes after each lesson, and our teacher Claudia Soto is so friendly, understanding and helpful. 

Ailsi Alhames


The programme is excellent. What I like most about the programme are the teachers, especially Dra Claudia. She is a great and helpful teacher. 

Jenti Yan Qing Lof


My experience with the programme is going very well. The lessons are clear and the tasks as well. I can see what I completed and what I still need to do. What I particularly like the most about the programme is that I can access the lessons in my own time and choice the moment I want to do them. I like the tests after each chapter because it gives you the opportunity to check if you understood everything and write the things down you missed. For me that works the best. 

Samuel Audu


So far, it has been an extraordinary experience. The tutors are knowledgeable and experienced. They deliver the lessons in the best possible way.

Ross Montgomery


I have really enjoyed the course so far – there are good lecturers and well-presented slides. The last few weeks have been more challenging trying to keep up with the workload in between work as well.