Molecular biologist salary

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In this article we analyze the salary of a molecular biologist, exploring the different factors that can influence their remuneration. Keep reading to find out all the details.


What is the average molecular biologist salary?

As often happens, it is not easy to determine a molecular biologist salary in general. In this sense, both the type of position and the characteristics of each company and those of each specific professional are circumstances that will influence the salary figures. Thus, a molecular biologist salary in the public sector will not be the same as that of the private sector, nor will that of a recent graduate compared to that of a biologist that has extensive experience in this field.

In any case, we could say that, on average, the salary of a molecular biologist is around £30,000 per year. Of course, higher salaries are available for profiles with experience and good qualifications.

The figures of a molecular biology salary can greatly vary in different countries. Perhaps the highest salaries can be found in the United States, where figures can even exceed $100,000 per year for certain senior profiles.


What factors have an impact on a molecular biologist salary?

Basically, a molecular biologist salary is determined by the following factors:

  • Your academic background. At this point, we are referring to both undergraduate degrees (where factors may include your specific degree, the prestige of the center and your academic record) and the postgraduate degree. In this sense, having a specialization in this field (for example, a good Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology) can open many doors for you career-wise and improve the salary range you have access to.
  • Your previous work experience. Of course, the greater your specialized experience in the field of molecular biology, the higher your salary expectations can be. At least in general terms. Thus, as in any other sector, senior profiles can double or even triple entry salaries for a recent graduate.
  • Your specific job position. Again, each company is different and has its own compensation policies. Also, within the same organization, there may be different molecular biologist positions. For example, if the position entails the direction or coordination of a team or any other additional responsibility, it is logical that it also entails a higher molecular biologist salary.


How can I improve my molecular biologist salary?

To improve your job options, as well as your potential salary as a molecular biologist, keep the following tips and recommendations in mind:

  • Expand your training. If you want to develop a competitive profile, it’s wise to offer a better academic profile than other candidates. This includes issues such as having a good academic record at the undergraduate level and having completed a postgraduate specialization in molecular biology. Considering the wide range of courses and master’s degrees that exist at the moment, including online options, it has never been so easy to improve this part of your resume.
  • Maximize your work experience. As we said, experience is a decisive factor when it comes to getting a better molecular biologist salary. Of course, this is not something that can be achieved in a short time or that can be easily changed. As with any sector, it’s better to look at it more as a marathon than a sprint race. However, there are certain issues that you can have control over, such as:
    • Choosing a master’s degree that offers the opportunity to do an internship (and perform well in the position you are assigned).
    • Take advantage of scholarships and internship contracts offered by companies and institutions.
  • Enhance your resume. Even if two candidates present the same training and work experience, having a well-designed resume where data is perfectly presented and which highlights your strengths can make a difference when it comes to getting a well-paid molecular biologist salary. Of course, every time you apply for a position, it’s advisable to adjust the resume to give more importance to those parts that best fit the company or the position you’re applying to.
  • Do a good job and take advantage of the opportunities. Finally, if you show skills and do well in the position you are offered, your professional profile will be appreciated, enhanced and might be offered a potential higher molecular biologist salary. Thus, whether through a salary rise, a promotion to a better-paid position or by moving to a different company, the best professionals tend to gradually increase their salary.

In short, the better your training and the more experience you accumulate in the sector, the better your molecular biologist salary will be. In any case, good work always pays off, don’t you think?

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