Jobs in sport and health: career opportunities in a growing industry

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Personal wellness has long gone beyond purely medical considerations. Both sport, nutrition and the application of technology have shown that well being is more than just periodic check-ups, and that health professionals have the power to achieve great goals. Consequently, areas of knowledge related to health generate more and more interest and demand. Employment opportunities related to the health sciences are booming, an opportunity to build a solid professional career. Let’s see how!


Jobs in sport and health: an intersection with great career prospects

Careers such as medicine and nursing have always been associated with professional success, and it’s no wonder why. Historically, both have shown low unemployment rates, with professionals in both fields having had little difficulty finding work when needed.

At present, the sector has diversified thanks to the appearance of computing and massive information management. In addition to traditional professionals such as nurses, who tend to show percentages of up to 85% when it comes to employability, other successful career opportunities have emerged.

Biomedical professionals, for example, have taken advantage of the intersection between healthcare and technology to claim their place as another very promising career choice. In fact, professionals in this field tend to rank quite high when it comes to job prospects, with percentages of less than 4% of unemployed professionals. 

Biomedicine, biotechnology and clinical analysis are some of the disciplines with the lowest unemployment rates

A Master in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics can be a good option if you are interested in developing your professional career in this favorable field. The same is true if you are interested in biotechnology or wish to become a clinical laboratory specialist

In fact, the Healthcare in Europe portal reports how there’s a critical lack of skilled lab workers, particularly for medical laboratories, that will extend in the following years unless more specialized professionals join the labor market.


What is the current employment situation in the healthcare sector?

Although it may seem like it, technology hasn’t taken over everything in the labor market. Employment in the healthcare sector covers different areas that have not yet been fully digitalized, such as nutrition, one of the most promising disciplines.

Graduates in this field are registering minimum unemployment rates. When combined with other disciplines such as pedagogy, these professionals’ opportunities are greatly extended, who may also consider working in fields such as agriculture.

The labor market demands experts in nutrition and food safety that complement the field of medicine

Professionals in the fields of agricultural engineering and food technology are experienced unemployment rates of around 5%. Food safety positions stand out above other specializations, as their expected role in future environmental protection and its methods to make crops more resistant are forecasted to be crucial.


Jobs in sport, a win bet

The sports field is a million-dollar industry. But this abundance is not limited to business: it also enriches the labor market and generates a multitude of new jobs and businesses.

A look at stats by official European organizations confirms employment stats in sport represent a commitment to the future: in 2021, almost 1.4 million people worked in the field of sport in the EU. As in the previous cases we’ve discussed in this article, satellite disciplines have flourished as well, with the growing popularity of sports psychology, which is in increasing demand, remains striking.

Sports psychologists are in charge of improving motivation for clubs and professional athletes with the aim of optimizing their marks

Both clubs and individual gymnasts are in need of these support services. The goal is to improve athletes’ performances and motivation, as well as extending training processes beyond the physical and into the psychological. As such and looking for an example, professionals are able to better deal with pressure or success. Additionally, these specialists are also able to strengthen relationships between players and optimize team work.

The body, however, remains a crucial element that jobs in sport recognize as important. For instance, unemployment numbers related to physiotherapy are around 6%, which translates into a multitude of experts dedicated to treating injuries and the other muscular and rehabilitation issues that athletes typically go through.


The importance of education for accessing jobs in sport

On countless occasions, jobs in sports have been considered as a career path where education wasn’t essential. But current data contradicts this assertion.

The truth is that employment related to jobs in sports is now characterized by specialized academic training that can reach higher ratios than average compared to other professional fields.

Therefore, getting the right training will greatly influence aspiring candidates for jobs in sports science, a sector that offers various quality opportunities to build a promising career with salaries that range between £16,900 and £42,250 in the UK.


Build a solid career with the help of CEMP

The health sciences represent a perfect breeding ground for successful careers today. With appropriate training, specialists can easily find job opportunities related to both health and sports, having access to great professional chances.

All in all, many jobs in sport can be described as ‘niche’, and require a certain degree of specialized knowledge. At CEMP we offer a multitude of Master’s degrees with which to channel your skills and open your career to a source of job opportunities.

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