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Master’s degree in medical laboratory science

Master’s degree in medical laboratory science

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September 2022
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This master’s degree in medical laboratory science prepares you to work in the exciting field of clinical laboratories. This type of laboratories are increasingly important in research, prevention, diagnosis and the treatment of diseases.


In this online master’s degree you will delve into techniques to work in clinical analysis companies, biological sample collection, biochemical tests, specific analysis in haematology, immunology, parasitology, biochemistry and molecular biology.


With this master’s degree you will train in one of the fields with the highest demand for professionals and excellent future prospects.

Characteristics of the master’s degree in medical laboratory science

Videos and online classes

Audio visual study material

You will have access to many hours of audio visual materials, which are the essential teaching materials. Thus, you can study wherever and whenever you want.

Practical activities

Practical activities

During your journey, you will carry out around two weekly practical activities, which will be reviewed and evaluated by your specialist teachers.

Complementary materialComplementary material

Complementary material

Class summaries, articles to stay up to date… You will have everything you need to move forward on your journey.


Soft skills

The master's degree includes training in soft skills that will be of great help when it comes to preparing you for professional opportunities.

Master class

Master class

You will learn from renowned experts in the sector thanks to our master classes, which you can watch as many times as you want.

Master’s degree final project

Master’s degree final project

At the end of your route, you will carry out a research project directed by one of our teachers on a topic of your interest.

CEMP teachers for medical laboratory science

Your teachers will open the doors to training in Master’s degree in medical laboratory science with a focus on employability through specialisation:

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Carlos Gómez Marín


Passionate of biological sciences, he holds a PhD in Biotechnology and Chemical Technology, a MSc in Healthcare Biotechnology and BSc in Biotechnology. More than 12 years of experience in the fields of Genomics and Molecular Biology applied to human healthcare as researcher. He has been involved in multiple master and bachelor degree students tutoring.

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Susana González Rico


She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and is a Doctor in Microbiology and she has directed research projects in different prestigious international institutions such as the Central University of Venezuela, University College of London and the National Institute for Medical Research.

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Beatriz Nespereira


A doctor in biochemistry and director of CEMP, she has extensive experience as a researcher and manager of research projects. She has been involved in the world of teaching for years, and she was awarded the Best Master's Professor jury award from the Spanish Association of Business Schools in 2017.

Cristina García Carballás
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Cristina García


She is a doctor and holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in environmental management systems and quality management systems. She has extensive experience as a teacher, as well as a microbiological analyst in laboratories and as a researcher at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Luis Mariñas
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Luis Mariñas Pardo


He is a doctor in genetics, holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and is the chief science officer (CS) at Centauri Biotech, a biotechnology company specialising in animal health. He is the author of 20 articles in scientific journals and a master's degree professor at the University of A Coruña.

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Mar Vázquez


She is a senior technician in anatomy and pathological cytology. Mar also holds a graduate degree in social education. She has used her knowledge in various associations and assistance centres in Galicia and currently works as a teacher.

Your journey at CEMP

From the first stage of your journey to the last, we will be by your side to help you get the most out of your training.

Enrolment and preparation

As soon as you enrol, you will have access to the virtual platform and you will receive the support book. We will also start your employability plan. Let's get going!

Videos and online classes

Videos, PDF summaries and live classes from your teachers.

Exercises and questionnaires

You will regularly test your knowledge to move steadily towards your destination.

Master’s degree final project

You will carry out a bibliographic research project on a topic of your interest.

Optional internships

Let's get to work! From 60 to 300 hours of optional internships in companies.

CEMP/UCAM degree

You have reached your destination! You now have your CEMP degree and university accreditation from UCAM*. It's time to face new challenges... and new adventures!

*see accreditation conditions.

I want my CEMP degree! I want my CEMP degree!

Syllabus of the Master’s degree in medical laboratory science

As your journey progresses, you will discover different modules which will help you, step by step, to reach your final destination.

Module 0. Basic concepts

Module 1. Haematology

Module 2. Biochemistry techniques

Module 3. Immunological techniques

Module 4. Genetics

Module 5. Introduction to Microbiology and parasitology

Module 6. Bacteriology

Module 7. Virology

Module 8. Mycology

Module 9. Parasitology

Module 10. Cytology

Partner companies

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The route to your future

Why study for a master's degree in medical laboratory science? Because in addition to having prestigious teachers and a study plan aimed at never getting off course, we can boast of guiding our students to their professional goals. Learn more about the employability plan that you benefit from the moment you enrol.

Frequently asked questions

What professional opportunities does the master's degree in medical laboratory science offer?

More and more clinical laboratories demand qualified professionals. With this master's degree in medical laboratory science you have the opportunity to get training to enter the job market and apply for important positions in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Some of the job opportunities available to you with this training are the following: hospital laboratories, research centre laboratories, genetic engineering technology centres, pharmaceutical laboratories, assisted reproduction centres, forensic laboratories, etc.

How long does it take to obtain the master’s degree in medical laboratory science?

Our master's degree in medical laboratory science has a total duration of 1,500 hours. This is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits, the workload normally associated with an academic year.

What clinical laboratory equipment will you use?

In the syllabus of our master's degree in medical laboratory science you will find a specific section dedicated to the diverse equipment and materials of a clinical laboratory. In addition, in the introductory module you will learn the basics about the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of these equipment and materials.

On the other hand, with this specialised training you will have the opportunity to carry out optional professional internships in companies. This way, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the different machines and with the most advanced equipment: for spectroscopy, for centrifugation, for separation techniques, for vacuum techniques, for mixing, for thermal techniques, etc.

What is the price of the master's degree in medical laboratory science?

At CEMP we offer training that is fully adapted to the needs of each person. For this reason, we provide our students with personalised advise and guidance so that they can successfully complete all the stages of their master's degree. To learn the price of this advanced course, contact us through the form and you will receive all the information you need.