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At CEMP we guide you so you can reach your goal. We offer 100% flexible online MSc / PGDip with university accreditation in the fields of healthcare, health science and sports, to help open doors to new and exciting career opportunities.

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About us

We are the centre that allows you to set the course you want for your professional career. And we are:


We have a teaching staff of international prestige, made up of professionals who are experts in their field, offering knowledge based on professional experiences. 100% connected with the current job market and ready to guide you on your journey.


We have the tools that best suit you, so you can learn with the flexibility you've always wanted. Do you want to run? You’re free to run. Do you want to walk? Enjoy the scenery!


We believe there’s no substitute for real-world experience. That’s why we focus our training on job placement and improvement.


Our courses focus on what you really need to excel in your profession, without detours that interrupt your journey.


We put at your disposal the most up-to-date information and knowledge from experts in the sector. Venturing blindly into the unknown is always a bad idea. To reach your goal, its better to have an up-to-date map, don’t you think?


We help you create a network of contacts with students and teachers from all over the world. In short, you will find the travel partners you need.

Teaching staff

To reach your destination, what better company than those who have already travelled the path? Meet the team that will guide and accompany you on this journey.

Alessio Radaelli
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Alessio Radaelli

Aesthetic Medical Doctor

Dr. Redaelli is a distinguished medical professional with an extensive career. His roles include Milan Medical Council membership, assistant surgeon, general practitioner, and phlebologist at Santa Rita Clinic. Notably, he excels as an aesthetic medicine teacher and serves as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and ambassador for Filorga and FillMed Paris, in addition to being a KOL trainer and speaker for IPSEN Global. His dedication and expertise make him a field leader.

Yohann Missiak
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Yohann Missiak

Medical Doctor Chemical Pathologist

Dr. Yohann Missiak, a Toulouse-based Medical Doctor, excels in Chemical Pathology and AI Machine Learning, leading healthcare data analysis at INOVIE (Groupe). Proficient in R, Python, and Javascript, his career spans clinical biochemistry, biostatistics, and AI research, reflecting his commitment to advancing medical knowledge with a Doctor of Medicine degree from Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III.

Navil Noor
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Navil Noor

Master's Degree in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

With a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Engineering and a Master's degree in Big Data, AI and Disruptive Technologies, this IT and Data Science professional brings more than four years of experience in Data Management and Remote Customer Support. Proficient in Python, technical writing and IT support, he is dedicated to developing practical skills.

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Carlos Gómez Marín

Doctor in Biotechnology and Chemical Technology

Passionate about biological sciences he holds a PhD in Biotechnology and Chemical Technology, a MSc in Healthcare Biotechnology and BSc in Biotechnology. More than 12 years of experience as a researcher in the fields of Genomics and Molecular Biology applied to human healthcare as researcher. He has been involved in multiple master and bachelor degrees involved in student tutoring.

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David Alarcón

Master's degree in Neuroscience and Bachelor of Science in Biology

David Alarcón has 6 years of experience as a PhD researcher in Biotechnology. His work has been specifically dedicated to the biochemistry and cellular biology of pain perception, and the results of his work have been published in high-impact international journals. Currently, David is refocusing his career into education to share his passion for the field of biology.

Claudia Soto
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Claudia Soto

Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry

Master of Science in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship with minor studies in Environmental Science and a bachelor degree in Chemistry, Claudia became passionate about natural cosmetics. This motivated her to graduate as an advanced natural cosmetics formulator, as well as expert in the security evaluation of cosmetics. Her experience in quality assurance & control, plus good manufacturing practices also constitute major pillars of her teachings. With her own brand she started a cosmetics lab, and published a book on holistic beauty.

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Susana González Rico

Doctor in microbiology

Susana holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and is a Doctor in Microbiology. She has directed research projects in different prestigious international institutions such as the Central University of Venezuela, University College of London and the National Institute for Medical Research.

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José Barcia

Sports Psychologist

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and in physical activity and sports sciences and a master's degree in sports and physical activity psychology, José also has professional accreditation as an expert in sports psychology. He currently works in the worlds of education, sports and healthcare.

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Daniel Varela

Sports Physiotherapist

Daniel holds a graduate degree in physiotherapy and is a specialist in joint manipulative physiotherapy. He is currently a physiotherapist at the Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña and the DeporClínica. He is passionate about his profession, teaching and scientific dissemination.

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Vanesa López

Doctor in Chemistry

Vanesa holds a master's degree in quality and safety management in the agri-food industries and a doctorate in chemistry and works as a teacher and researcher in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. She has given presentations at national and international conferences and published in scientific journals.

Anamary Santos Medina
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Anamary Santos Medina

Agricultural Engineer

A specialist in quality systems management and statistical process control from the University of Venezuela, she has extensive professional experience in the areas of quality assurance, research & development of new products and manufacturing management in food manufacturing companies.

Cristina García Carballás
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Cristina García

Doctor in Biology

Cristina is a doctor and holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in environmental management systems and quality management systems. She has extensive experience as a teacher, as well as a microbiological analyst in laboratories and as a researcher at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Rocío de Lafuente
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Rocío Ailim de la Fuente

Doctor in Developmental Biology and Genetics

Rocío holds a bachelor's degree in biology and a doctorate in developmental biology and genetics. She has worked as a researcher at the University of Santiago de Compostela and the University of Glasgow. Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher at Monash University (Australia).

Andrés Crespo
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Andrés Crespo Vieira

Doctor in Molecular Biology

Holding a PhD in Molecular Biology. Andrés has experience as a researcher and has participated in many biomedical projects both in the academic field (University of Santiago de Compostela, King's College London) and in the private sector (Axovia Therapeutics). He is currently a Senior Laboratory Research Scientist at the Francis Crick Institute.

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Beatriz Nespereira

Doctor in Biochemistry

A doctor in biochemistry and director of CEMP, Beatriz has extensive experience as a researcher and manager of research projects. She has been involved in the world of teaching for years, and she was awarded the Best Master's Professor jury award from the Spanish Association of Business Schools in 2017.

Victoria reboredo
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Victoria Reboredo


Victoria holds a graduate degree in physiotherapy and is a pilates instructor. She has used her knowledge in various clinics and care centres in the United Kingdom, including the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance (London).

Pedro Guilherme
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Pedro Guilherme

Bachelor's Degree in Biology

Pedro has extensive experience as a researcher at the University of Évora (Portugal) and in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as teaching both at university and in private companies. After working as CEO of a distance learning company in Portugal, he is currently the director of CEMP's editorial department.

Antonio Rodríguez
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Antonio Rodríguez

Doctor in Inorganic Chemistry

Antonio is a doctor in inorganic chemistry, holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and has extensive experience in public and private research centres. He has also dedicated part of his life to teaching and developing environmental management projects.

Luis Mariñas
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Luis Mariñas Pardo

Doctor in genetics

Luis holds a PhD in Genetics, BSc in Biology. Chief Science Officer (CSO) at Centauri Biotech, a biotechnology company specialising in animal health. Author of some twenty articles in scientific journals and master's degree lecturer at the University of A Coruña.

Beatriz Robles
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Beatriz Robles

Bachelor's degree in food science and technology

Beatriz holds a bachelor’s degree in food science and technology and human nutrition and dietetics and an international master's degree in food safety auditing. Beatriz has been a freelance food safety consultant for different companies and currently combines her profession with teaching at the Isabel I University and her collaborations as a disseminator in various media.

Moisés Pérez
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Moisés Pérez

Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences

With a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences with a specialty in zoology, Moisés decided to focus his career on the world of food. He holds master's degrees in environmental management and auditing, in science and technology for the conservation of fishery products and in occupational risk prevention. Currently, Moisés works as a commercial technician for a food analysis and consulting laboratory and teaches different courses related to this area.

Lourdes mourelle
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Lourdes Mourelle Mosquera

Doctor in applied physics

Lourdes is a doctor in applied physics and holds a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and undergraduate degrees in nutrition and dietetics and in optics and optometry. Lourdes is also a professor of secondary education specialising in counselling and personal image processes. She also works in research in the field of applied physics with the FA2 group of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Vigo and works as a teacher in the field of dermopharmacy.

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Sara López Pérez

Doctor in molecular Biosciences

Sara holds a doctorate in molecular biosciences, a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and a master's degree in molecular biomedicine. Sara has focused her professional career on teaching, as well as research in the fields of bioinformatics and molecular biology.

Beatriz Reig
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Beatriz Reig Schmidt

Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy

Beatriz holds a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and has a postgraduate degree in pharmaceutical care, another in dermocosmetics and cosmetology, and a graduate degree in the pharmaceutical industry. She has extensive experience in the field of dermopharmacy within a pharmacy office. In addition, since 2013 she has been engaged in the development and manufacture of cosmetics for third parties.

María Fernández
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María Fernández Álvarez

Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics

She holds a diploma in human nutrition and dietetics and a bachelor’s degree in food science and technology. María is currently a social education student at the UNED, a freelance dietician/nutritionist specialising in food education and the promotion of healthy habits, and very committed to teaching and dissemination.

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Sandra Peñasco González

Doctor in Spanish Literature

She holds a graduate degree in Hispanic Philology from the UDC and a doctorate in Spanish Literature from the same university. Sandra has extensive experience in the world of teaching, both to university and secondary school students. In addition, she has published numerous articles.

Sandra Penasco
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Amparo González Blanco

Bachelor's Degree in Medicine and Surgery

Amparo holds a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery. Amparo has also taken various specialisation courses in the healthcare field. She has extensive experience as a family doctor in the SERGAS (Galician Health Service) and also in the emergency room. She also works as a teacher and a researcher.

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Marta Dolcet

Doctor in Biocatalysis

Marta is a doctor in bio-catalysis and holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering. She is passionate about biostatistics and artificial intelligence and she holds two master's degrees in biomedicine and big data. She has worked in clinical and biomedical data analysis and she has extensive experience as a researcher and as a teacher.

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Iria Orjales

Graduate Degree in Nursing

Iria is a senior clinical analysis laboratory technician, and holds a graduate degree in nursing. She worked for several years with people with intellectual disabilities or functional diversity and is currently focused on the scientific branch of gerontology.

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Silvia Lorenzo

Graduate Degree in Physiotherapy

Silvia holds a graduate degree in physiotherapy and a master's degree in teaching. She has focused her professional career on the practice of physiotherapy, both in residences for the elderly and in clinics and hospitals. She has also completed different specialisation courses and seminars.

Doctor Daniel Fernández
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Daniel Fernández

Doctor in Chemical Sciences

A doctor in chemical sciences, Daniel is a specialist in innovation management and holds master's degrees in ISO 9000 and EFQM quality systems, R&D&I management systems, and R&D&I project management and management systems and technological surveillance, among others. He is currently the CEO of Qubiotech Health Intelligence S.L. and a professor at the University School of Labour Relations and Human Resources at the University of A Coruña.

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Juan Pablo Gómez

Doctor in Physics

Juan Pablo is a doctor in Physics and with extensive experience in scientific data processing in C++ and Python environments, software development for medical image analysis and R&D project management. He currently works at Qubiotech as head of the R&D&I team, directing development projects and actively participating in the technical implementation of the specifications.

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Andrea Balado

Biomedical Engineer

Andrea holds a graduate in biomedical engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She currently works as an R&D engineer at Qubiotech Health Intelligence, developing software for automatic medical image analysis.

Juan Vallalta
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Juan Francisco Vallalta Rueda

Bachelor's DEgree in Physical Sciences

A consultant in artificial intelligence applied to health and specialised in analysis and data mining, Juan Francisco has extensive national and international experience leading projects on artificial intelligence applied to health. He is also an expert in team management and electronic health record projects. He is currently completing a master's degree in advanced and applied artificial intelligence.

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Jesús Silva Rodríguez

Doctor in Physics

Jesús is a doctor in physics and holds a master's degree in particle physics and its technological and medical applications. He has dedicated a large part of his career to research, both in scientific foundations and at the University of Santiago de Compostela. In addition, he has been the technical director of a company in the AI sector applied to healthcare.

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Carolina Wagner

Expert in Food Safety and Quality

Carolina has been a teacher-researcher at the University of La Laguna and the Central University of Venezuela. She also has extensive experience as an advisor and consultant in food safety and quality for various companies.

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Berta Foronda

Specialist in Orofacial pain and Craneomandibular dysfunction

Berta holds an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy and a master's degree in orofacial pain and craniomandibular dysfunction, and she has extensive experience as a physiotherapist in variousclinics.

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Alejandro Torres Duque

Graduate Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Alejandro holds a graduate degree in human nutrition and dietetics. He is a specialist in clinical nutrition as well as in scientific dissemination in the international food sector. He currently works as a teacher for health professionals and has clinical experience as a dietician/nutritionist.

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Pablo Mourelle Sanmartín

Graduate Degree in Medicine

Pablo holds a graduate degree in medicine from the Santiago de Compostela University. He has also trained in psychogeriatrics, bone health, clinical nutrition and the digestive system, cardiogeriatrics, oncohematogeriatrics and clinical ultrasound.

Cristian Rodríguez
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Cristian Rodríguez Mortera

Graduate Degree in Computer Science

Cristian holds a graduate degree in computer engineering and information technology and is a senior technician in administration and management of computer systems. Cristian is a specialist in software development, SQL/NoSQL databases and programming in multiple languages, frameworks and platforms. In addition, he has extensive teaching experience.

Belén Aguado
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Belén Aguado Ruiz

Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Sciences

Belén holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical sciences, a master's degree in cosmetics and dermopharmacy and an international master's degree in toxicology. She has more than 20 years of experience as a technical director in the cosmetic sector and has been a teacher specialising in this area since 2006. She is currently the manager of ABAR & COSMETICS.

Our pillars

The path to professional success is built on solid pillars.

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International teaching staff

We have a team of current professionals and teaching experts from around the world who will share their up-to-date knowledge and experience to help you find internships, boost your employability, and guide you during this journey.

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We believe in practical and up-to-date training. You will test the knowledge and skills you acquire with continuous exercises and activities that will be evaluated by your teachers. You will have a personalised employability plan right from the start and you will have the opportunity to undertake internships at the end of your training.

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Website platform

We provide you with the best tools to help you reach your goals. Intuitive, agile and focused on you. Our learning platform gives you a wide variety of resources, from activities to master classes, that you can access at a time that suits you.

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Personalised guidance

At CEMP, the best team of professionals will be by your side to guide you and help you get where you want to go.

CEMP in the media

Being always up to date on issues related to healthcare, health and sport means that we do not go unnoticed by the country's major media, who regularly consult us as an authoritative voice.

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