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We are an online school offering master's degrees in healthcare, health and sports that will guide you to achieve what you are looking for in your professional career.

UCAM accreditation

UCAM accreditation

UCAM accreditation

The UCAM accredits CEMP master's degrees, guaranteeing that you receive the best online training. When you reach your destination, in addition to a degree from CEMP, you will receive a degree from UCAM if you meet the requirements, and you will obtain 60 ECTS credits.

Guaranteed internship!!!

Our teachers

Active professionals with extensive experience, connected to the current labour market situation and always by your side to guide you on this journey.

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Carlos Gómez Marín

Doctor in Biotechnology and Chemical Technology

Passionate of biological sciences he holds a PhD in Biotechnology and Chemical Technology, a MSc in Healthcare Biotechnology and BSc in Biotechnology. More than 12 years of experience in the fields of Genomics and Molecular Biology applied to human healthcare as researcher. He has been involved in multiple master and bachelor degree students tutoring.

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David Alarcón

Master's degree in Neuroscience and Bachelor of Science in Biology

David Alarcón has 6 years of experience as a PhD researcher in Biotechnology. His work has been specifically dedicated to the biochemistry and cellular biology of pain perception, and the results of his work have been published in high-impact international journals. Currently, David is refocusing his career into education to share his passion for the field of biology.

sergio pedraza arévalo
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Sergio Pedraza Arévalo

Doctor in Biomedicine

PhD in Biomedicine, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Master's Degree in Biomedical Research. Currently working as Postdoctoral Researcher in King’s College London, (United Kingdom). Extensive research experience in molecular biology, focused on cancer and diabetes, as well as in teaching and public engagement.

Claudia Soto
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Claudia Soto

Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry

Master of Science in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship with minor studies in Environmental Science and a bachelor degree in Chemistry, Claudia became passionate about natural cosmetics. This motivated her to graduate as an advanced natural cosmetics formulator, as well as expert in the security evaluation of cosmetics. Her experience in quality assurance & control, plus good manufacturing practices also constitute big pillars of her teachings. With her own brand she started a cosmetics lab, and published a book in holistic beauty.

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Susana González Rico

Doctor in microbiology

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and is a Doctor in Microbiology and she has directed research projects in different prestigious international institutions such as the Central University of Venezuela, University College of London and the National Institute for Medical Research.

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José Barcia

Sports Psychologist

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and in physical activity and sports sciences and a master's degree in sports and physical activity psychology, José also has professional accreditation as an expert in sports psychology. He currently works in the worlds of education, sports and healthcare.

Training programmes


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Prestigious teachers

Top professionals in their field will be by your side in this adventure. You will have at your disposal active experts with enormous teaching experience.

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An online, 100% flexible methodology. Quality training focused on you. You will have a wide variety of resources, from forums to master classes, that will help you on your path to success.

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100% of CEMP teachers currently work in positions of responsibility within their respective sectors. In addition, during this journey, you will be able to interact and meet your colleagues, which will open many doors for you when it comes to creating your own network of contacts and preparing yourself for a competitive job market.

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Constant support

You’ll never walk alone… We’ll guide you through each stage of this journey. You will have a multitude of channels at your disposal to get in direct contact with your teachers.

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Focused on practice

Practice makes perfect. We believe in practical and updated training, so you can test your knowledge with real-life cases.

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Employability plan

Your career goals are closer than ever. With our employability plan, which you can take advantage of right from the start, we will help you boost your career and achieve your career goals. You will receive interesting job alerts you can apply to. We will guide you with your ‘self-applications’. Tell us where you would like to work and we will provide you with the tools to achieve it.

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The UCAM (Catholic University of Murcia, Spain) accredits CEMP master's degrees to offer you the best online training in healthcare, health and sports. When you reach your destination, in addition to a CEMP degree, you will receive a UCAM university degree if you meet the requirements.

Why choose a master’s degree accredited by a university?

Because you will expand your specialised knowledge while improving your CV, you will increase your employability, you will obtain ECTS credits that are crucial to become a public servant, you will be eligible for salary increases... The reasons are endless!


Because it is an institution that enjoys international prestige thanks to its high standards. It is the fastest growing private university in Spain. It leads in the healthcare, health and sports sectors and stands out for its philosophy, its values and its social commitment. Its goal is professional placement and the student is its cornerstone.