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CEMP Accreditation

CEMP holds accreditation from the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further Higher Education, designating us as a reputable Online, Distance, and Blended Learning Provider. Globally recognized, the British Accreditation Council stands as a hallmark of educational excellence within the private sector. It serves as a trusted resource for students, agents, and government officials, offering credible insights into the standards upheld by independent colleges.

BAC plays a pivotal role in ensuring quality within the UK's independent higher and further education landscape by administering rigorous quality assurance programs.

Our teachers

Active professionals with extensive experience, connected to the current labour market environment and always by your side to guide you on this journey.

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Alessio Radaelli
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Alessio Radaelli

Aesthetic Medical Doctor

Dr. Redaelli is a distinguished medical professional with an extensive career. His roles include Milan Medical Council membership, assistant surgeon, general practitioner, and phlebologist at Santa Rita Clinic. Notably, he excels as an aesthetic medicine teacher and serves as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and ambassador for Filorga and FillMed Paris, in addition to being a KOL trainer and speaker for IPSEN Global. His dedication and expertise make him a field leader.

Yohann Missiak
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Yohann Missiak

Medical Doctor Chemical Pathologist

Dr. Yohann Missiak, a Toulouse-based Medical Doctor, excels in Chemical Pathology and AI Machine Learning, leading healthcare data analysis at INOVIE (Groupe). Proficient in R, Python, and Javascript, his career spans clinical biochemistry, biostatistics, and AI research, reflecting his commitment to advancing medical knowledge with a Doctor of Medicine degree from Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III.

Navil Noor
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Navil Noor

Master's Degree in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

With a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Engineering and a Master's degree in Big Data, AI and Disruptive Technologies, this IT and Data Science professional brings more than four years of experience in Data Management and Remote Customer Support. Proficient in Python, technical writing and IT support, he is dedicated to developing practical skills.

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Carlos Gómez Marín

Doctor in Biotechnology and Chemical Technology

Passionate about biological sciences he holds a PhD in Biotechnology and Chemical Technology, a MSc in Healthcare Biotechnology and BSc in Biotechnology. More than 12 years of experience as a researcher in the fields of Genomics and Molecular Biology applied to human healthcare as researcher. He has been involved in multiple master and bachelor degrees involved in student tutoring.

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David Alarcón

Master's degree in Neuroscience and Bachelor of Science in Biology

David Alarcón has 6 years of experience as a PhD researcher in Biotechnology. His work has been specifically dedicated to the biochemistry and cellular biology of pain perception, and the results of his work have been published in high-impact international journals. Currently, David is refocusing his career into education to share his passion for the field of biology.

Claudia Soto
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Claudia Soto

Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry

Master of Science in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship with minor studies in Environmental Science and a bachelor degree in Chemistry, Claudia became passionate about natural cosmetics. This motivated her to graduate as an advanced natural cosmetics formulator, as well as expert in the security evaluation of cosmetics. Her experience in quality assurance & control, plus good manufacturing practices also constitute major pillars of her teachings. With her own brand she started a cosmetics lab, and published a book on holistic beauty.

Training programmes

Master’s degree in medical laboratory science

Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science

This Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Laboratory Science prepares you to work in the exciting field of clinical laboratories. These laboratories are increasingly important in the research, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Our online Postgraduate in Medical Laboratory Science will delve into the techniques used by companies working in clinical analysis, collection of biological samples, biochemical tests, and specific analyses in haematology, immunology, parasitology, biochemistry and molecular biology. With this postgraduate, you will train in one of the fields with the highest demand for qualified professionals and excellent career prospects.

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molecular biology

Postgraduate Certificate in Molecular Biology

This Postgraduate Certificate in Molecular Biology prepares you to work both in research and diagnostic laboratories across the pharmaceutical, biotech or biomedical sectors. Our online Postgraduate in Molecular Biology will help deepen your understanding of a cells biological structure and will teach you the latest techniques applied in the sector. This cutting-edge training will give you the knowledge to develop professionally in an industry experiencing rapid growth and high demand for qualified and experienced professionals.

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Postgraduate Certificate in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

This Postgraduate Certificate in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics prepares you to apply and develop new computational techniques in biomedical research, working both in hospital environments and for companies across the biotech sector. Our online Postgraduate in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics will teach you how to use computer tools to store, organise, analyse and interpret vast amounts of data to extract knowledge that can be applied to solving biological and biomedical problems. This postgraduate will fully equip you with the skills you need to kickstart your career in this rapidly evolving sector.

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Cosmetic Science

Postgraduate Certificate in Cosmetic Science

This Postgraduate Certificate in Cosmetic Science prepares you to become an accredited professional, qualified to prescribe high-quality dermo-cosmetic treatments. Our online Postgraduate in Cosmetic Science will provide advanced training on the main skin alterations, the most used active ingredients in cosmetics, nutricosmetics and pharmacy protocols. It will also teach you how to advise on cosmetic products, formulate personalised products and improve sales in dermo-cosmetics with online marketing campaigns. With this postgraduate you will get highly-specialised training in a sector with a growing demand for qualified professionals.

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Prestigious teachers

Top professionals who are experts in their field and with a wealth of teaching experience will be by your side throughout this adventure.

Ilustración metodología


An online, 100% flexible learning methodology that provides quality training focused on helping you achieve your goals in a way that suits you. You will have access to a wide variety of online resources, from forums to master classes to help you on your path to success.

Ilustración networking


100% of CEMP teachers currently work in positions of responsibility within their respective sectors. During this journey, you will be able to interact with them, which will open many doors to create your own network of contacts and prepare you for a competitive market.

Ilustración apoyo

Constant support

You’ll never walk alone… We’ll guide you through each stage of this journey. You will have multiple communication options available to help you get into direct contact with your teachers at a time that is convenient for you.

Ilustración prácticas

Focused on practice

Practice makes perfect. We believe in practical and updated training, so you can test your knowledge with real-life cases.

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Employability plan and Optional Internships

Our employability plan provides essential tools and support, including job alerts and application assistance tailored to your desired work destination.

Explore optional internships for postgraduate students, a prime chance to enhance your knowledge and skills, boosting your appeal to potential employers. Our dedicated internship portal simplifies the search for opportunities aligned with your career goals.



The UCAM (Catholic University of Murcia, Spain) accredits CEMP postgraduates to offer you the best online training in healthcare, health science, and sports. When you finish your studies, you will receive a CEMP degree, as well as a UCAM university degree.*
*if you meet the requirements

Why choose a postgraduate accredited by a university?

An accredited postgraduate course will deepen and expand your specialised knowledge and experience while enhancing your CV, increasing your employability, awarding you with the ECTS credits you need for employment and boosting your chances of a higher career salary. The reasons are endless!


UCAM is the fastest-growing private university in Spain, leading the way in healthcare, health sciences, and sports education. UCAM holds international prestige thanks to its high standards, philosophy, values and social commitments. Like CEMP, its goal is professional placement, and students are the cornerstone of its work.

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